Why Is Drinking Ice Water Bad For You

Why You Should Never Drink Ice Water

When I eat out, I always ask my waiter for water without ice, and they often look me strange. But I am not, and here I will explain you why.

  • First of all, close your eyes for a minute and imagine this:

It is spring time and you are standing on one wooden dock that spreads into a high mountain lake. The temperature in the air is quite warm, the top layer of the mountain lake has only recently melted and you can see from the color of the crystal clear blue water that it is not warm. So, close your eyes now and dive in.

What does your skin do? What does your body do? Are you open and relaxed, or constricted and tight?

Maybe you know that the warm water makes your skin feel looser and opens your pores, while the cold water constricts your skin and closes your pores. So, drinking cold water does the same to your digestive tract!

What is happening when you drink cold water

When you drink cold beverages, your digestion becomes restricted, your blood vessels shrink, and hydration is hindered.

Instead of absorbing the nutrients to create energy and working to digest the food, your body spends your energy to regulate your temperature, and this can lead to water loss.

If you drink cold water right after a meal, it will create excess mucus in your body, and that can lead to a decrease in the immune system function, and you can easily catch an illnesses or colds.

If you eat food after drinking cold beverages or while drinking, the water temperature will solidifies the fats from the foods that you have just eaten, and the body finds it hard to digest the unwanted fats from the body.

Some people are saying that if you drink cold water, it can be beneficial because it burns more calories. But I think that we don’t need to make the digestive system work harder, we need to make the things as easy on it as we can. There are so many other ways to burn calories.

Benefits of drinking warm water

  • Food breaks down easily
  • Faster and increased hydration
  • The bowels move better (warm water with lemon juice in the morning is good for this)
  • Natural digestive enzymes are stimulated, so the digestion is enhanced
  • Purifies the blood and increases the natural detoxification processes in the body through your kidneys, skin and lymphatic system

When you get into the habit of drinking warm water or water at room temperature, you will notice an improvement in your digestion, and the way that your body feels after the meal and while eating.

So, next time when you will be out for a meal, tell your waiter to “Hold the ice!”

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