Weeks Before The Election, Ben Carson Drops A Ton Of Bricks On Washington – He Gives Trump Credit On Healthcare

Ben Carson is often one of the quieter members of the Trump administration.

But just before the 2020 election, he is speaking up over the way Democrats have portrayed Trump’s work.

The president has achieved many critical reforms, especially in one area – health care.

Yet the media often lets them pass by, unnoticed.

So, Carson is dropping a ton of bricks on Washington, giving Trump credit on major reform:

The Trump administration has an impressive story to tell on health care. For nearly four years, President Trump has championed policies that brought desperately needed reforms to American health care…

The historic Tax Cuts and Jobs Act removed the widely unpopular individual mandate tax penalty in ObamaCare…

A staple of President Trump’s approach to health care reform is rooted in returning the choice to individuals as opposed to government bureaucrats.

Carson called out the media’s silence on the many ways Trump has been reforming health care.

He celebrated Trump’s efforts to return choice to Americans, instead of letting government bureaucrats decide for us.

Trump eliminated the dreaded Obamacare mandate, which in some cases forced Americans who couldn’t afford health care to buy it or face a penalty.

The president also signed the “Right to Try” legislation that allowed terminally ill patients to try certain experimental drugs.

This change from the president provided hope for many who had run out of all other options to try.

Let’s not forget how Trump used the pandemic to achieve major reforms. He cut through red tape to speed up the approval of much-needed options like telemedicine.

Over the summer, he signed 4 executive orders targeting the lowering of drug prices, especially for drugs like insulin and epinephrine. Why don’t we hear more about this from the mainstream media?

His executive reform is also taking action to ensure “that the Medicare program and seniors pay no more for the most costly Medicare Part B drugs than any economically comparable OECD country, ending foreign countries’ free loading off the backs of American taxpayers and pharmaceutical investments.” – HHS.gov

Carson celebrated Trump’s agenda from 2016 to now, that seeks to provide choice and lower costs to Americans—with much less government slowdown getting in the way.

Democrats, on the other hand, want more government deciding your health care. Biden wants more Obamacare-like programs.

The radical left wants “Medicare for All” which takes the choice out of your hands.

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