[WATCH] Meghan McCain Melts Down, Begs “Conservatives” to Stop Politicizing George Floyd’s Death

Meghan McCain had a big breakdown on Wednesday’s episode of “The View,” pleading with Republicans to “avoid politicizing” George Floyd’s death at the hands of former cop Derek Chauvin.

“I’m happy he was found guilty on all charges, even though he may not be guilty on all charges,” Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said in a segment where she said this. I’m happy he’s guilty on all counts because I want a decision that stops this country from exploding.”

“The clip we just played with Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld got the most reaction from me,” said co-host Sara Haines. “The man said out loud that I hope Chauvin is found guilty even though he isn’t guilty. To begin with, you will jeopardize the justice system in order to sleep at night. Two, he said that his neighborhood had been robbed, which he didn’t like. Let’s go back to how George Floyd felt if we put a knee on his neck.”

“Three, this is a life lost; you’re talking about a situation where someone won’t be able to breathe again,” she said. “They have a daughter and a family. Are you referring to your neighborhood?

And his own colleagues grumbled during the entire clip because there were so many infractions in one sentence. ‘Please, just atop,’ says the narrator. He’s terrible. It seems Chauvin isn’t the only one with a small heart.”

“What was going through your head, Meghan, when you heard these different statements?” Whoopi Goldberg, one of the hosts, inquired.

McCain responded, “I mean, I have different feelings about Nancy Pelosi and Greg Gutfeld.” “Honestly, the Floyd family and Mr. Crump coming on has moved me so much. I believe we should concentrate on their anguish, sorrow, and trauma. Let them recover and move on, as we’ve said on this program.

She went on to say, “A man was murdered in cold blood, and we all saw it on the internet.” “There isn’t really any empathy. If you don’t have the humanity to not make this about you and your neighborhood, it makes me think these people have never endured tragedy and sorrow of any sort. I’m just at a loss for words. If it’s possible, I wish the family peace.”

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