Washington D.C. Swamp Just Got Drained – Biden’s Shortage Leaves 90% Of City Without Gasoline

When a giant cyberattack crippled the nation’s largest gasoline pipeline earlier this month, a gas shortage suddenly slammed into the East Coast.

Prices surged, gas lines started popping up everywhere, and many states in the eastern part of America experienced rising tensions and even panic. It also exposed a definite weakness in our system.

And now, President Joe Biden’s city just felt the crunch worse than anyone else.

Many have accused the Biden administration of not reacting quickly enough to the cyberattack, or the ensuing situation. They’re also wondering why the President appears to be downplaying the situation.

However, maybe he’ll take more of a direct interest now that Washington D.C. is struggling.

They’re struggling so badly in fact, that most of the gas stations in the nation’s capitol city are without gasoline.

And everyone is starting to wonder if this whole crisis could’ve been avoided.

Via Fox Business:

Gasoline shortages continue to plague much of the East Coast, leaving a majority of the stations in Washington, D.C., out of fuel.

As of Sunday evening, about 12,466 stations had run empty, according to GasBuddy analyst Patrick De Haan.

The Colonial Pipeline, based in Georgia, supplies nearly half the East Coast’s gas (about 45 percent). And when all that disappeared after the cyberattack, everyone felt it immediately.

Perhaps Biden didn’t expect to feel it so close to home, though.

According to De Haan, almost 90 percent of the gas stations in D.C. were going dry, and outages have ranged between 69 percent to a whopping 88 percent.

In the state of Georgia, about 43 percent of stations were out of gas, and North and South Carolina felt the strain as well.

The cyberattack on May 7 forced Colonial to shut down the pipeline, to keep malware from infecting its systems. And ever since then, American consumers have demanded answers.

Unfortunately, they’ve received very few answers, especially from the current administration.

Biden and his team have been pretty tight-lipped about the whole matter, and some say they tried to mitigate the crisis by saying things are under control. We just had to be patient.

But maybe now that this issue has slammed into Biden’s backyard, they’ll treat this with a bit more urgency.

Perhaps most importantly: shouldn’t this prompt an immediate security review of those systems? And why didn’t Biden react a lot more quickly to the whole mess?

Source: Fox Business

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