Virginia Supreme Court Drops The Gavel – Rules Teacher That Stood Up To Liberals Should Be Reinstated

It’s no secret that the left is targeting our schools. But in one case, conservatives scored a big win.

For years, the left has been pushing its radical agenda onto our students.

They hope to shape their view of the world—so they support their agenda when they’re old enough to vote.

The corrupt teachers unions for teachers to go along with this plan. But one teacher refused to comply and was fired.

But the Supreme Court of Virginia took up this case and is reinstating this educator.

From The Federalist:

The Virginia Supreme Court affirmed a lower court’s decision on Monday to reinstate Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) teacher Tanner Cross after he was suspended for speaking out about a controversial transgender policy proposal.

The school district first fired Cross after he opposed proposals that would force educators to use students’ “preferred pronouns” instead of acknowledging their sex.

School teacher Tanner Cross refused to comply with an order to use transgender pronouns when referring to his students.

He stood up to the policy, saying he would not ignore the biological gender of his students, just to comply with the radical left.

The Loudoun County Public School district fired Cross over his stand.

The case went all the way to the state Supreme Court—which gave Cross back his job.

This win strikes a blow in the radical left’s agenda. If one teacher is allowed to keep teaching, even after defying the left, then any other teacher can.

Good teachers have been bullied by powerful teachers unions. They force these educators to obey a radical agenda that seeks to warp the minds of millions of young Americans.

But this case proves that teachers don’t have to sit back and be pushed around by the radical left.

If Cross can stand up for what is right, then so can other teachers.

You better believe liberals are getting pretty worried about now. If more conservative teachers learn about this case, they might stand up to their school districts’ ridiculous mandates.

Be sure the left will try to suppress news of this story. Which is why we need to share it all the more.

Source: The Federalist

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