Trump Organization Indictments Might Be A Dud – Three-Year Investigation Turned Up Next To Nothing, According To Report

Despite Trump leaving the White House, Democrats are not done trying to ruin him.

The left launched a second impeachment, but that failed.

So, plan B (or it is C, D, or E by now?) was to use the New York Attorney General’s power to attack the Trump Organization.

The liberal media made a big deal about an investigation into the billionaire’s business. This week, news came out that the New York prosecutors were throwing charges at at least one of Trump’s associates.

But after three years of shifting through Trump’s business, the best they could do was next to nothing.

From NY Post:

It’s a travesty, not a triumph: Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance’s long-running investigation (with New York Attorney General Letitia James) into the Trump Organization just produced … indictments for minor offenses that almost never bring criminal charges…

Vance acquired years of Trump Organization tax records, yet all he’s found is an alleged failure to pay proper taxes on corporate perks like cars, tuition and apartments. Any other company and it’s a civil suit, an audit, perhaps a hefty fine.

After all the hot air, the best New York’s liberal prosecutors could come up with are minor issues that never bring criminal charges.

Experts say if they had found evidence of serious crimes, they would have come out already.

Instead, the Democrats are harassing one of Trump’s allies, his chief financial officer, throwing him in handcuffs over what should have only brought fines.

This is the extent to which Democrats will go in their pathetic crusade against Trump.

Keep in mind, Trump has not been charged. There is no evidence of real criminal activity coming from his companies.

Democrats spent years, and millions of dollars, searching the Trump Organization’s records. They found next to nothing.

But they made a big deal over it, just to get a clip that would make Trump look bad.

Something tells me that, when this blows over Allen Weisselberg (Trump’s ally who was arrested) will have a case against the state.

We all know why this is happening. Democrats are terrified of what Trump might do next year or in 2024.

He is still very popular among many Americans. And his influence can deprive Democrats of the stranglehold they need over the government.

So, they once again push a failed tactic of tarnishing his name in the media.

When has that ever worked?

I’d say they’ll learn their lesson soon. But I doubt it.

Source: NY Post


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