Trump Leaves A Little Girl In Tears – Video Shows Donald Sent Her A Response To Her Letter

Even today, the leftist establishment is trying to tarnish Donald Trump’s reputation.

It’s almost as if, they know he just might become president again!

They want you to believe the 45th president is a cruel and uncaring man. A dictator who only cared about himself and his power.

But those who are paying attention know that couldn’t be further from the truth. Even while running his campaigns and the White House, Trump took time to show kindness and consideration to everyone he met.

Now, even out of office, Trump continues his reputation of looking after those many overlook.

Just check out this video and see for yourself.

From Twitter:

President Trump DID WHAT HE DOES BEST‼️

Watch till the end. 😊

It seems like a young girl had sent a letter to Donald Trump. In a video posted by her mother, the girl received his response.

Addressed by both Donald and Melania Trump, they thank the girl for her letter and shower her with encouragement and kindness.

The 45th president cheers on the girl, saying she will be a future leader of this country. He goes on to instruct her to listen to her parents, teachers, and coaches, who will help her become all she can be.

This is the kind of thing the MSM will never show you. Trust us on this one.

The liberal-controlled media continues to push a wildly false narrative that Trump is a power-monger who tried to “overthrow the government.”

They pathetically throw slander at a man who dared to defy the corrupt D.C. swamp and put Americans first.

But even after leaving office, he continues to put Americans first.

This clearly wasn’t done by Trump to get a lot of attention. There weren’t news cameras nor campaign people waiting to get this girl’s reaction.

But it is something Trump does all the time, just because that’s the man he is.

Source: Twitter

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