Trump Just Turned The Tables On Biden – He Claims Joe’s Long Gas Lines Under Donald Would Have Been ‘National Outrage’

Democrats’ worst fears are being realized: Donald Trump is back in the news.

They impeached this guy twice and they still can’t get rid of him! Even out of office, Trump is releasing near-daily statements over what’s going on in this country.

And boy, is he not happy!

He has frequently criticized the many failures of the new administration. With each passing month, Joe Biden blunders in ever-worsening ways.

This week, it’s been a massive gas crisis caused by Biden’s FBI and CIA unable to stop a cyber-attack.

And Trump pointed out what the media would have said, had it happened on his watch.

From The Desk of Donald J. Trump:

If there were long and horrible gas lines like this under President Trump, the Fake News would make it a national outrage! Did Joe Biden put Hunter in charge of our energy, with all of his Burisma experience? Even Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is lost!

Let’s get one thing clear: there’s no way this kind of crisis would have happened under President Trump.

The 45th prioritized improving our energy production and expanding our national defense in the areas of cybersecurity.

For this to happen now, on Biden’s watch, is a massive failure on the part of his administration.

Trump ridiculed Biden for this embarrassing crisis, which shut down a major pipeline and caused long gas lines in numerous states (not to mention jacking up the cost of gasoline).

Worst still was Biden and his energy secretary’s pathetic responses.

Trump poked fun at Joe, saying that Hunter and his former energy company must now be running the DOE.

I can’t imagine Hunter doing a worse job than the clowns Biden’s got in there at the moment.

Trump’s also right in saying that, if this happened during his first term, the media would be talking about it non-stop.

They’d place all the blame on his shoulders. Some, as we’d expect, would use this sort of crisis to call for his impeachment.

But apparently today, the media doesn’t care that millions of Americans can’t put gas in their tanks. I guess the MSM is only outraged when a Republican is in the White House?

Source: The Desk of Donald Trump

and americanjournaldaily

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