Trump Gives President Biden A Direct Order – Get “Every Penny” Back From Afghanistan Or “Bomb The Hell” Out Of It

The U.S. is officially out of Afghanistan, but the situation is hardly resolved. Reports say several hundred Americans are still stranded, and thousands of Afghan refugees are heading this way.

The evacuation remains a hotly debated topic as well, and many Republican leaders and furious citizens are demanding resignations. Some are also pushing for President Joe Biden’s impeachment.

Former POTUS Donald Trump has a separate message for Biden, however.

Trump has been very vocal about the entire Afghanistan ordeal since it began, and his criticism of the Biden administration has been well documented throughout 2021.

The former Commander-in-Chief was a friend of the U.S. military and frequently warned America’s enemies not to step out of line. That’s probably why Trump is especially irate over Afghanistan.

And when he heard the reports of U.S. military equipment seized by the Taliban, Trump decided to send Biden a direct order.

It’s likely that GOP leaders will agree, too — and they’ll want not only the equipment returned, but the money as well.

Via Washington Examiner:

Former President Donald Trump called on the present Biden administration to get ‘every penny’ of U.S. equipment out of the region or ‘bomb the hell’ out of the country.

Trump … criticized reports of U.S. military equipment being seized by the Taliban — including tanks, trucks, weapons, and other gear left behind by U.S. forces.

Trump unloaded on President Biden in a scathing email that slammed the “incompetence” of the current administration.

It’s hardly the first time the former President has called Biden’s abilities into question. Joe’s cognitive capabilities have also once again come under heavy scrutiny in recent weeks.

The equipment and the $85 billion must be reclaimed, Trump says:

Never in history has a withdrawal from war been handled so badly or incompetently as the Biden Administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

In addition to the obvious, ALL EQUIPMENT should be demanded to be immediately returned to the United States, and that includes every penny of the $85 billion dollars in cost.

With America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, it’s becoming clear that U.S. forces left “thousands of pieces of military equipment in Taliban hands.”

So far, the White House hasn’t said exactly how many vehicles and weapons fell to the enemy, but it apparently includes 360,000 rifles and “a number of helicopters” (this per a Government Accountability Office report).

And if we don’t get it all back, Trump’s solution is simple: go in with military force and get it, “or least bomb the hell out of it.”

This is going to be a huge sticking point for the Biden administration as time goes on.

White House officials will have to face tough questions about the evacuation procedures, the incoming (and evidently un-vetted Afghan refugees), and the rising power of the Taliban.

Now, though, they’ll also have to face questions about the significant loss of money and military equipment.

In short, it seems Biden is facing tough times ahead — and it could give Republicans a big edge heading into 2022.

Source: Washington Examiner and gopdailybrief.

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