The Reason Why You Should Freeze The Lemons Always

Image by Andreas Riedelmeier from Pixabay

The reason why you should freeze the lemons always

Now you are wondering why you should freeze the lemons. According to one recent study, lemons and the other citrus fruits can be very effective in the fight with the breast cancer cell growth because of the natural compound in them – the limonoids. This supports the other previous studies that the fruit can help in inhibiting the potential risks for breast cancer.

Most of the people say that we shouldn’t waste the lemons by throwing them when we have squeezed them. The lemons are great for your health if they are used entirely. You are wondering how to do that?

We can do that by freezing them. Once the lemon has been frozen in the fridge, you don’t have to peel it. You should shred it or grate it. Then you can use it in all kinds of sauces, salads, soups, creams… sprinkle it on the food you like and experience the new better taste.

If we peel the lemon, we throw away the vitamins that it contains. The crust have 5 to 10 times more vitamins, than the lemon juice, which help fighting toxins. Some recent studies show that the lemons have stronger effects than chemotherapy. They are able to kill the cancer cells and they are more beneficial than toxic and synthetic drugs that bring big profits to many people. Also, consuming lemons can’t cause side effects like the chemotherapy.

The lemons have a strong effect on cysts and tumors. Also, they have effects on infections and microbes: they can kill the parasites in your body and can help in the regulation of the blood pressure. Also, the lemons fight stress and are natural anti-depressants and other nerve-related disorders.

You won’t believe that this information came from a drug manufacturing company. The studies that they performed have shown that the lemons help killing malignant cells of lung, pancreas, prostate, colon, breast and many other cancers. They discovered that the properties of a lemon tree have a stronger effect that the chemotherapy-related drug, Adriamycin.

The good news is that the lemons can help in destroying the cancer cells without to affect the healthy ones. The nature gives us cures, but we destroy our bodies with synthetic drugs. By using the harmful synthetic drugs we just get into a cycle where some other drugs are needed to fight off the side effects from the previous used drug.

Drug manufacturers have the biggest profit from this situation. They profit from people who don’t consume enough minerals and don’t eat natural foods. They pay off the media to advertise their drugs. They even pay off politicians to stop passing of laws that benefit us.

We should fight against drug manufacturers and mainstream media, or we can continue to live in a big lie!

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