The Green Potato Can Be Very Harmful and Dangerous for Your Health

The Green Potato Can Be Very Harmful and Dangerous for Your Health

Potatoes are used as a most important ingredient in many recipes. But what do you know about those green potatoes.

They are green because they contain high amount of chlorophyll. But we will disappoint you because the green potatoes are very dangerous for you and your health.

The scientific researchers are claiming that green potatoes have a high amount of solanine – a poisonous chemical that can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, nausea and some other illnesses, if it is consumed by mistake.

The main reason for the green color of the green potato is the high amount of chlorophyll and it is basically harmless for the health. But it is important that the amount of solanine that is produced at the same time has raised too.

One professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincon, Alexander Pavlista, claimed that a 100 pound man to feel sick, should have consumed about 16 ounces of green potato. He added that the green potatoes were never sent for sale to the market. It is always recommended that the potatoes should be stored in cool places and dim light to prevent the production of solanine, and to remove those green areas before its consumption.

If the green potato tastes a little bitter, better throw it and don’t consume it. It is harmful, so just stay away from those green potatoes.

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