The Connection Between The Sugar And The Immune System

The Connection Between The Sugar And The Immune System

Our bodies have the ability to protect itself from the outside “invaders” like bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. The most essential function of the defensive mechanism is that it is able to identify and to eliminate those invaders.

Many of you perhaps don’t know this fact about the immune system: every type of sugar can reduce the defensive power of the body by 75% or more within 4-6.

 But this is nothing new. One of the most incredible researchers in microbiology, Dr. Linus Pauling, in the 1970s discovered that vitamin C stimulates the ability of the body to fight cold. Dr. Pauling in the same research also discovered that the sugar highly slows this process.

It is really important to know this, because this could help you to speed up the healing process and to prevent diseases. This idea that the sugar is really bad for your health is little controversial, so maybe you will want to see the following points regarding the immune system, and to understand what Dr. Pauling really found.

How to body deals with the invaders

Special cells named “phagocytes” swallow viruses, bacteria, and some other invaders. These cells absorb and engulf waste material, foreign bodies in the blood and tissues and dangerous microorganisms.

Vitamin C

Dr. Pauling discovered that the white body cells need a lot of vitamin C to absorb bacteria and viruses. Indeed, a single white blood cell needs to have 50 times more as it is normally found in the blood of the concentration of vitamin C.

So, this is how Dr. Pauling assumed the “take more vitamin C for cold” theory. The white blood cells in the body need more of this vitamin to maintain the 50 times concentration and to continue destroying viruses and bacteria. Vitamin C moves all the time through the membranes into the white blood cells of the body. So, now you know why it is really important to increase your intake of the vitamin C.


Glucose is a sugar that is found in the blood in the simplest form. It has the same chemical structure like the vitamin C. It is so much similar that when the white blood cells in the body pulls more vitamin C from the blood, and often the glucose is substituted by mistake.

If blood glucose goes further a certain concentration, that concentration of 50 times vitamin C in the white blood cells may drop, and that is because of the great amount of glucose that pulls in as a substitute for the vitamin C.

If the level of the blood sugar is 120, white blood cells have 75% lower ability to destroy and absorb bacteria and viruses. Blood sugar level like that, is very easy obtained by every person that eats sugary foods like cookies, cakes, soda, candies and even fruit juice. The concentration of vitamin C in the white blood cells, takes 4 to 6 hours to reach again the optimum 50 times concentration.


If you suffer from a disease, it is not good to eat sugar, including the orange juice that is often recommended.  Juices have vitamin C, but the white blood cells can’t get past the sugar and use the vitamin from it.

The sugar is your worst enemy if you are on a healthy improvement program. The same is for the injuries. The white blood cells and some other phagocytes remove dead cells and waste from the body that is connected with the healing of the wounds.

Learn how to avoid sugar and how to substitute it. Before you buy syrup for your cough and notice that it contains sugar, you will perhaps wonder what happened to this research.

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