Texas Just Rammed Through The Democrat Wall – Governor Abbott And Texas GOP Advance Voting Reform Bills

You probably know all about the left’s efforts to prevent voter reform.

They practically rioted in Georgia, when they passed a law to secure their elections.

But in Texas, Democrat lawmakers stormed out of the chambers, to prevent additional laws from being passed.

Texas already has some of the strongest voter protection laws in the country. However, the governor wanted to close loopholes that could be exploited.

He threatened to cut lawmakers’ pay for storming out—which he did. He also promised to reconvene the state legislature to get these bills passed.

And he just did.

From The Hill:

Texas Republicans advanced two elections bills this weekend in a special session as they work to pass sweeping legislation that would impose a number of restrictions at the ballot box.

From Fox News:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott claims that new voting reforms in his state would make voting easier and more secure at the same time…

“So what Texas is doing is we’re making it easier to vote by adding more hours in early voting than we have in current law, but also making it harder to cheat with regard to mail in ballot.”

Texas Republicans wanted to pass laws that secure their state elections. Some of the changes they wanted to make were to ban 24-hour voting and drive-thru voting.

You can imagine how these could make voting vulnerable. Keeping polling stations open for that long prevents workers from carefully monitoring the voting process.

(After all, how alert will poll watchers be at 3 am?)

It would be easy for “operatives” to bombard a polling place late at night with questionable ballots.

Drive-thru voting would also be open for cheating, as it would make the process much too fast. Too fast, of course, for poll workers to verify a voter’s identity.

Democrats stormed out of the chambers earlier in the year to prevent the state from passing these bills. Like spoiled children, they threw a temper tantrum because they knew they didn’t have the votes to block the bills.

But Abbott called for a special session to get these bills passed. Word is they have more planned, regardless of Democrat opposition.

Bitter Democrats have already talked about trying to disrupt the legislative process again. They already lost their paychecks.

They really don’t want to keep their jobs, huh?

Source: The Hill

Fox News and americanjournaldaily

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