Texas Just Filed A Restraining Order Against President Biden – The Attorney General Accuses Joe Of “Unprecedented Overreach” In Mandate

Americans were shocked when Joe Biden announced a far-reaching restrictions against workers. A big part of his mandate has been temporarily blocked by a federal judge. But that hasn’t stopped Joe from pushing his agenda wherever he can.

It appears rules pertaining to private companies might be blocked permanently by federal judges. But Biden is also demanding federal contractors to submit to his demands: get the shot or lose your job (there isn’t even an alternative to get tested weekly). So, the Texas AG is going to war for companies that contract with the government.

From Fox News:

Ken Paxton, the Republican attorney general from Texas, filed a motion seeking a temporary restraining order against a key part of President Biden’s COVID-19 mandate he says forces millions to choose between “fundamental constitutional rights and their livelihood.”…

“Here, we protect individual liberties first and foremost, and Texans do not have to sacrifice their beliefs and their health to preserve their livelihoods,” he said in a statement.”

The Texas attorney general filed a motion for a restraining order and junction for the part of Biden’s restrictions that affects federal contractors. He blasted the Biden administration for what he called “unprecedented overreach” by “weaponizing” the administrative state.

The motion would block Biden’s rules against companies that have contracts with the federal government. Biden’s larger mandate affects all companies with over 100 employees. And, while some court rulings can eliminate those rules, Biden still might be able to force contractors to submit to his demands.

These companies might fear losing their contracts with the government and going out of business. Many contractors work exclusively for the federal government, providing staff, goods, and other services. If Biden pushes an order like this, they might not want to challenge it—putting their employees in a tough position.

Some claim that because these contracts are written by the government, Biden can do as he pleases. But this order is not part of the contracts these companies signed. Unless Biden is willing to renegotiate every contract made with private companies (ranging in the tens of thousands), his rules might be vulnerable.

Paxton might have success, based on those grounds. After all, can Biden get someone fired, over their refusal to get a shot? That will be something courts have to decide—and it will affect millions.

Source: Fox News

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