Texas Governor Delivers On Pledge To Democrats – After They Stage A Walk-Out, Abbott Cuts Off Their Funding

Last month, Texas House Democrats staged a walk-out in the chamber, bringing everything to a screeching halt. They left because Republicans were trying to pass election reforms.

At the time, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) swore he wouldn’t let this go unpunished. He also publicly condemned state Democrats for “abandoning their responsibilities.”

And now, he’s made good on his promise.

Gov. Abbott swore he’d defund the legislative branch for the actions of those leftist politicians. He said they ran away from a fight and slammed Democrats for not doing their tax-funded jobs.

Perhaps Democrats didn’t take Abbott seriously, but he obviously planned to deliver on his threat all along.

Just last week, the Governor vetoed Article 10 of the state budget: Article 10 funds lawmaker salaries, and the salaries of staff and maintenance workers. It also funds legislative agencies.

But they won’t get their money, which should come as a hefty blow. Abbott clearly believes in the simple “no work, no money” theory.

As he said in a statement on Friday (via The Daily Wire):

Texans don’t run from a legislative fight, and they don’t walk away from unfinished business.

Funding should not be provided for those who quit their job early, leaving their state with unfinished business and exposing taxpayers to higher costs for an additional legislative session.

I therefore object to and disapprove of these appropriations.

According to the Legislative Reference Library, Abbott’s move here is absolutely unprecedented.

But Democrats walking off the House floor was also unprecedented in the history of Texas politics, so the Governor is just fighting fire with fire here.

However, Democrats are claiming Abbott can’t defund the legislature. Rep. Chris Turner (D) say it’s “unconstitutional” and intends to sue Abbott’s administration:

Texas has a governor, not a dictator or emperor. The tyrannical veto of the legislative branch is the latest indication that Governor Greg Abbott is simply out of control.

Turner added that the veto “will cause direct harm to Texas” and accused the governor of “cutting off services to millions of Texans.”

As for Abbott, he’s calling for legislators to join a special session that will try to pass the Governor’s legislative initiatives. He said in a statement last month that his goal is to “put the people of Texas first.”

No matter what happens, though, Gov. Abbott swore he would do something — and he did it.

Maybe this will make Democrats think twice about walking out on the job in the future. Many citizens will say you can’t simply get up and leave because the proceedings aren’t going the way you would like.

That doesn’t sound especially diplomatic or democratic, nor does it help to resolve any differences among state politicians.

And as the Governor has proven many times so far in 2021, he’s a fighter who delivers on his promises.

Source: The Daily Wire

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