Texas Governor Abbott Protects 1st Amendment – Signs Law Blocking Government From Closing Down Churches

With Joe Biden and his leftist buddies in charge in D.C., it falls to state leaders to protect our rights.

We’ve seen Biden and his administration go to war with nearly every value Americans hold dear.

And since the 2020 crisis, Democrat leaders have no problem ripping our rights from us.

That won’t cut it in the Lone Star State. So, Gov. Abbott just made sure Texans won’t lose their First Amendment freedoms ever again.

From Fox News:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a law prohibiting government agencies and officials in the state from ordering churches and other houses of worship to close.

The Lone Star State’s governor announced the move in a tweet on Tuesday, pledging that Americans’ First Amendment freedoms would be protected in the state by prohibiting the government from issuing orders that “close or have the effect of closing places of worship in the state.”

The new bill prohibits the government of Texas from issuing orders that either close churches or have the effect of closing churches.

Meaning, local governments can’t pass sweeping rules that end up forcing churches to close.

Many blue states stood against churches, not with them. They passed orders that forced churches to shut their doors for nearly a year or more.

But even in conservative states, leaders set capacity rules preventing most churches from holding services.

Even in many parts of Texas, the faithful were forbidden from gathering to worship.

Many believe that is a direct violation of the First Amendment, which forbids the government from “prohibiting the free exercise” of religion.

But did Democrats seem to care? Nope! To them, churches are non-essential, while pot dispensaries and abortion clinics remained open.

Despite a massive crisis that plunged millions into uncertainty and doubt, Democrats were robbing them of one big thing that would have brought hope.

On top of that, closing churches cut off the main source of support for pastors, priests, and clergy of all kinds. Without parishioners contributing each week, some churches have been forced to shut their doors for good.

At least that will never happen again in Texas.

Source: Fox News

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