Texas Governor Abbott Greenlights New Law – He Just Increased Punishments For Protesters Who Block Traffic

Throughout 2020 and the first part of 2021, protests and riots were unfortunately commonplace in America. Irate citizens flooded streets, damaged property, and generally caused widespread chaos.

Some states have already taken measures to reign this in, though. For example, several are in the process of passing laws that won’t make violent protesting so attractive.

And Texas Governor Greg Abbott is about to do exactly that.

Texas wasn’t immune to the nationwide unrest, as they’ve had their fair share of protests. Gov. Abbott has often spoken out against much of it, condemning protests that obviously weren’t “peaceful.”

That’s why he’s ready to greenlight a new law, which will make things a bit tougher on certain demonstrators.

Abbott has a big problem with unruly citizens blocking roads, especially because they get in the way of emergency vehicles. This constitutes a serious problem for everyone involved.

So now, the Texas state Senate is making a strong move — and Gov. Abbott 100 percent agrees:

This bill will increase the punishments for those “blocking roads and obstructing emergency vehicles.”

The new legislation passed through the Senate by an easy 25-5 margin, and it strengthens penalties and even calls for extra jail time for any protesters who get in the way of emergency personnel.

It had already gone through the House by a 90-55 vote, and Abbott says such “chaos won’t be tolerated” in his state.

While it remains the right of the citizen to protest and demonstrate, they still must do so in a peaceful manner. And what we’ve seen over the past few years has often been anything but peaceful.

Too many people have been hurt, and too much property has been damaged across the nation. We just can’t ignore it and pretend it’s all “okay.”

That’s why leaders like Gov. Abbott want to draw a line in the sand: it’s your right to protest, but you won’t be causing more problems for your fellow citizens.

It’s probable we’ll see other Governors – many of which are likely to be Republican, it would seem – take similar strides in their states, too.

Source: Fox News and gopdailybrief

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