Texas Election Signals Growing Red Wave – Heavy Latino Majority Town Suffers Democrat Loss

After the 2020 Election, Democrats convinced themselves that America was in the bag.

Today, they are waking up to a harsh reality.

Donald Trump might have lost his re-election, but that does not mean the country is turning blue.

In fact, many voters might be jumping ship as we speak, thanks to Biden’s horrible leadership.

There have been numerous special elections in 2021 that Democrats really expected to win, hands down.

But, it turns out, a red wave is growing. And in a town with 85% Latino residents, they just experienced an unexpected defeat.

From Daily Wire:

Democrats were stunned over the results of a mayoral race in South Texas over the weekend after the town elected a former chairman of a local county-level Republican Party…

“Republicans and Hispanics in Texas share common values, and more Hispanics are voting Republican and getting elected as Republicans,” [Gov] Abbott later added…

Democrats panicked over the election results… “A GOP county chair just won a race for mayor of McAllen, Texas, a city that’s 85% Latino. Hillary won the county by 40 points. If the Democratic Party doesn’t get serious about Latino outreach, we’re in big trouble.”

A county that Hillary won by 40 points in 2016 just gave Republicans a big boost.

The town of McAllen, TX, with 85% Latino residents, just flipped its mayoral office from blue to red.

A Republican, Javier Villalobos, beat his Democratic rival to become the next mayor. Republicans all across the Lone Star State were celebrating.

Meanwhile, Democrats were panicking.

Why? Because they thought they had the Latino vote in the bag. But not only did this city elect a Republican mayor, but the county went to Joe Biden by only 17 points.

That’s a staggering drop since 2016–and signals a major shift in how Hispanic Americans are voting.

This probably has something to do with the fact that McAllen is so close to the border. Hard-working Texans, regardless of race, have to watch as the border is overrun by migrants.

Texans are the first impacted by the crisis. Many worry about their families, communities, and livelihoods.

Why wouldn’t they vote for a party that promises to protect the border, defend their communities, and uphold our laws?

Democrats have a really big problem on their hands.

Source: Daily Wire

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