Ted Cruz Turns The Tables On Joe And Kamala – He Accuses Them Of Being The Root Cause Of Border Problems

There are few in the D.C. swamp standing up for Americans. Sen. Ted Cruz is one of them.

He has been outspoken against Joe Biden and his crooked administration from the beginning.

And he’s quick to drop a truth bomb on the country, even if it isn’t popular.

Now, he just turned the tables of Joe and his henchwoman Kamala. And he’s accusing them of being the root cause of the border crisis.

From Twitter:

Democrats might be trying to ignore the exploding crisis on the border, but it’s not going away.

Even when they do acknowledge it, they try to blame the current crisis on Trump. Yeah, we’re buying that.

Ted Cruz called out the administration, saying their policies and failed leadership are the root cause of this crisis.

It seems the Democrats have short memories. It was only back in January when Joe Biden erased all the policies Trump enacted to protect our border.

That triggered a massive surge on our border.

Then, instead of doing anything himself, he tapped Kamala Harris to “fix” the crisis.

Harris has wasted time and money doing essentially nothing. She claims she is trying to fix the “root” causes of the crisis.

So, she travels to foreign countries and promises them aid. Yeah, that’ll keep them away!

The reality is, we are facing this national security crisis because Biden and company refuse to do anything.

You can dump as much money you want into corrupt, foreign nations. They’ll just keep sending us hundreds of thousands of people.

The real way to end this problem is by reinstating protections on the border. Resume the border wall project. Deport criminal aliens. And turn away those who want to jump the border.

Until Biden does that, the problem will continue.

Source: Twitter

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