Ted Cruz Stops Schumer’s 4am Election ‘Takeover’ – He Puts An End To The Senate’s Dead-Of-Night Push

It seems Democrats thought they could pull a fast ne in the dead of night. But Ted Cruz stopped them in their tracks.

Democrats in the Senate have been trying to push through their radical agenda.

Their spending package might go through, due to the low requirements for a “reconciliation” bill.

As they were ramming through amendments, voting stretched well into the night.

It seems Chuck Schumer thought he could get away with sneaking in the left’s coveted takeover of our elections.

Good thing Ted Cruz was there.

From IJR:

After 15 hours of amendment votes, Senate Democrats sought to advance a voting rights package…

At 4 a.m. EST on Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) tried advancing via unanimous consent a voting rights package, a sweeping federal elections overhaul. Cruz objected.

“This bill would constitute a federal government takeover of elections. It would constitute a massive power grab by Democrats,” the Republican lawmaker said of the “For the People Act.”

After a marathon session of voting, Chuck Schumer tried to get passed their infamous “For the People Act.”

This bill, as you might remember, amounts to a federal takeover of our elections. It would give Democrats the power to alter our election rules, so they would never lose a race.

It had been largely attacked by Republicans in the past, even a few moderate Democrats.

It seems Schumer thought he could slip this package through as senators grew tired and eager to leave at 4 AM.

But Ted Cruz blocked the vote, refusing to even let the issue come up for debate.

He blasted Schumer and the left for trying to push this agenda, yet again. Cruz called the proposal a “massive power grab.”

And while Democrats claimed this was “common sense” to “protect” our voting rights, others strongly disagreed.

McConnell said Schumer was “tearing down the rules of our democracy.”

Even Joe Manchin, a Democrat, criticized the bill saying, “I do not support the For the People Act.”

Democrats know that come 2022, they are in deep trouble. All their radical proposals—including defunding the police, open borders, and massive spending—are not going over well with Americans.

They are posed to lose Congress to Republicans. Their solution? Radically rewrite our election rules so they can win, no matter what.

It is a disgusting attempt to erode our democracy. Thankfully, Republicans led by Ted Cruz are fighting them tooth and nail.

Source: IJR

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