Ted Cruz Sends Ilhan Omar Spinning – He Accuses The Squad Member Of Acting Like The Press Secretary For Hamas

Over the last week, tensions have been heating up in the Middle East.

Funny, just a few months without Donald Trump’s leadership and things all over the world are falling apart!

Gaza and Israel have been exchanging hundreds of missiles—leading to destruction and casualties.

Some in our own government have taken sides. And while it would make sense for American leaders to back Israel—our actual ally—guess who the “squad’s” Ilhan Omar is supporting?

Naturally, this anti-Israel Democrat is defending Palestine and painted Israel as the bad guys.

So, Ted Cruz took her to task.

From the Daily Wire:

Cruz hit back at Omar for comparing Israel to the terrorists against which Israel was defending itself.

“Why is a Member of Congress acting as the press secretary for Hamas? Does Biden agree?” Cruz tweeted.

If you follow the timeline of events, it was Palestine who began the rocket attacks. They fired over 300 into Israel’s land.

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