Supreme Court Rules 8-1 In Major Case – Clarence Thomas Leads 1st Amendment Charge, Single Vote Against Is Roberts

With Joe Biden in the White House, and Democrats running rampant in Congress, Republicans have few recourses to defend the Constitution.

Their only hope, for many issues, is the Supreme Court. The court is the last line of defense for states to fight back against Biden’s radical left-wing agenda.

Already, crucial cases have come before this session of the court. One involved the First Amendment rights of an evangelist on a college campus. Decisions like this could affect the rights of all Americans.

But no one could have predicted the final vote.

From Western Journal:

The Supreme Court ruled in an 8-1 decision Monday that a Georgia college’s speech code policy violated the First Amendment and that a student who was harmed by the policy can seek damages.

Justice Clarence Thomas issued the opinion of the court Monday, siding with Chike Uzuegbunam, a former student at Georgia Gwinnett College, and affirming his right to share his Christian faith on campus.

With a near-unanimous decision, the Supreme Court upheld the right of a student to share his faith on a college campus.

The conflict began when Gwinnett College told Chike Uzuegbunam that he could only share his beliefs in one of two “speech zones.” These zones made up less than 1 percent of the entire campus.

Since when is free speech only allowed in specific zones?

But, as it turned out, when Uzuegbunam actually complied with the rule, campus police threatened him with discipline.

It became abundantly clear that the college wasn’t interested in protecting the First Amendment rights of its students. In fact, they were pushing policy that jeopardized our most fundamental rights.

Clarence Thomas wrote the opinion of the court. What’s really amazing is that even the liberal justices of the court sided with him, agreeing that Uzuegbunam’s rights were violated.

Not only that, but he could sue the school and receive damages as a result.

It’s very rare, these days, that both liberal and conservative justices were in agreement on issues. But once again, we see that when it comes to free speech—the SCOTUS still comes through.

Oddly enough, Chief Justice Roberts—a supposed conservative, Bush appointee—was the only one to dissent.

He made excuses, saying it would “expand” the “judicial role,” but that sounds like a cop-out to me. In a day-and-age when Congress is out-of-control, maybe we need the court to play a greater role in reining in lawmakers?

Not to mention colleges who think they can regulate our rights?

Source: Western Journal

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