Supreme Court Ganged Up On By 19 States – They Demand To Take Power Away From The Green EPA

These days, the federal government is on a tear, expanding its power as much as it can.

That often results in the restricting of freedoms of Americans, all in the name of “safety.”

We’ve seen the effects of that all last year. Out-of-control government contributed to a loss of jobs. Government first often means Americans last.

But nineteen states refuse to sit back and let D.C. call the shots. They are going to the Supreme Court, requesting to take a big step to preserve America’s independence.

From The Epoch Times:

West Virginia and 18 other states are asking the Supreme Court to review the scope of the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulatory authority over greenhouse gases after an appeals court struck down a Trump-era rule months ago on carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants…

The Appeals Court ruling violates the U.S. Constitution’s separation of powers doctrine and will wreak havoc on the economy and the rule of law if the Supreme Court fails to act, West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey said in a statement on April 29.

Nineteen states are challenging a ruling made by a left-wing court that gave Biden greater power to restrict our energy production.

Under President Trump, the EPA was limited in its ability to regulate and control companies’ ability to generate power. The result? America quickly became the world leader in energy. We went from being dependent on foreign oil to being the largest exporter of energy.

Biden quickly slammed the breaks on that, making it much harder for America to produce energy. You’ve probably already felt the impact of Biden’s decisions at the gas pump and with your last few electricity bills.

But these states are going to the Supreme Court, to overturn the lower court’s ruling. If the Supreme Court takes up the case and rules in favor of these states, it would put a significant hamper on the EPA’s power.

It would give states the ability to decision energy generation, not the federal government.

You can imagine what would happen after that.

States that rely on oil and other natural resources would be able to increase energy production. That would help propel America back into being a world leader in energy.

It would also mean lower prices for Americans, plus more jobs and opportunity.

All it would take is a ruling from the Supreme Court.

Do you want the Supreme Court to stand up for American freedoms and America First?

Source: The Epoch Times


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