Southern Border Bosses Just Sued President Biden – ICE Officials, Sheriffs Accuse Biden Of Violating 3 Federal Statutes

Time and again, Republicans have tried to work with Democrats.

And, time and again, Democrats have burned them.

The left shows no interest in cooperating with conservatives. That’s particularly true with Nancy Pelosi, who is more concerned with her bogus committees than passing meaningful legislation.

She, once again, refused to listen to Kevin McCarthy’s input and advice.

So, the Minority Leader went scorched earth on the so-called speaker.

From NY Post:

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy withdrew all six GOP lawmakers from Democrats’ new select committee on economic disparities after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected two of his picks to serve on the Jan. 6 commission, The Post has confirmed…

“Obviously, the speaker has shown she is only interested in establishing select committees that further her political agenda,” he added.

And Kevin was fired up at more than just these panels. He’s frustrated at Democrats’ attempt to control everything in your life. From Twitter:

While railing against the House’s mask mandate, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) shamelessly says of Democrats:

“They wanna mandate, they wanna impose, they wanna tell you when you can go to school, when you can eat.”

It seems McCarthy is fighting fire with fire. After Pelosi refused to accept McCarthy’s suggestions for her bogus commission, he shut down another committee.

By pulling his suggestions for this committee, Pelosi will have a harder time forming it and getting it off the ground.

McCarthy went on to blast Democrats for their constantly flip-flopping their mask rules.

He criticized House rules that dictate how members can behave. New rules require all congressmen to wear masks, even if vaccinated.

McCarthy blasted the Democrats, saying they want to control every aspect of Americans’ lives. Including “when you can go to school, when you can eat.”

This week brought bad news for America and the Biden administration. The CDC reversed a previous rule, now requiring vaccinated people to wear masks in certain areas.

Such a flip-flop did not go over well with Republicans and many Americans.

And Pelosi and company can’t explain why they are doing this.

Are you glad McCarthy is standing up to the Speaker?

Source: NY PostTwitter

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