Senator Kennedy Accuses Biden Of “Illegal” Action – Sen. Kennedy Claims He’s Concealing The “Lunacy” Of The Border

The border situation has apparently worsened throughout 2021, and southern state leaders say the federal government has done little – or nothing – to help.

So, when drone footage of thousands of unregistered migrants under a Texas bridge erupted this week, Republicans seized on it. They claim it’s more proof that the border crisis is very real.

However, those drones might not stay in the air much longer.

Sen. John Kennedy (R-S.C.) said on Friday that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has requested that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ground drones put up by Fox News.

Authorities say it’s because the drones “interfere with law enforcement flights on the border.” They also say it’s a “temporary flight restriction.”

Kennedy doesn’t believe that’s the whole story, though.

He said that in fact, it’s another attempt by the current administration to hide the chaos at the border. And this chaos, as many GOP leaders say, was brought on by Democrat leaders.

Via The Daily Caller:

He said the Biden administration’s goal is to hide the ‘lunacy’ of its ‘open border’ policy.

I believe that the reason that they’re limiting drone usage is because they don’t want the American public to know, and I think this is illegal.

Sen. Kennedy isn’t surprised at the request to ground the drones.

In fact, he says it’s par for the course with the Biden administration’s border policy. He says they’ve tried to cover up the severity of the situation all along, so why would it change now?

Kennedy went even further by saying:

…when it comes to illegal immigration, you just can’t trust the Biden administration. It would be like trusting Harvey Weinstein with your daughter.

When it comes to illegal immigration, the Biden administration lies like they breathe. They’re like timeshare salesmen.

He added that it’s not “racist” to want border security and a border wall.

Kennedy claims the Biden administration has tried to “racialize” the entire problem, which is a common accusation thrown out by right-wing citizens and politicians.

Border authorities have been reporting skyrocketing encounter and arrest numbers through most of the summer, and some officials have said the border is “close to breaking” in some spots.

Then there’s the added issue of the ongoing pandemic, and the fact that an unknown number of undocumented foreigners are coming into this country with no vetting whatsoever.

Kennedy says the drones were showing the truth of this terrible situation.

The question now is, how much longer can the Biden administration ignore what’s going on down south?

Source: The Daily Caller

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