Reverend Jesse Jackson Arrested In Washington D.C. – He And 20 Others Were Just Handcuffed For Obstruction

It seems Democrats are never happy. Even with Joe Biden in the White House (and Dems in control of Congress), the left still complains.

Everywhere you look, leftists continue to protest, cancel, and oppress.

That’s especially true in D.C., where protests seem to take place every day.

Not that long ago, Democrats condemned a protest that got out of hand at the Capitol.

But more recently, a group of liberals gathered to start their own trouble.

It resulted in the arrest of 20 of them. Including one famous civil rights figure.

From Fox 5:

Progressive clerics Rev. Jesse Jackson and Bishop William Barber II were among more than 20 people arrested during a Poor People’s Campaign demonstration at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, according to police…

Jackson, Barber, and the other protesters were arrested for crowding/obstructing, Capitol police said.

Jesse Jackson was arrested for crowding the public area. A common tactic these days, it seems, is from leftist protesters to block roads and other public locations.

That could contribute to all kinds of problems, prompting police intervention. On top of that, D.C. police might be more willing to act, considering recent history.

It seems Jackson was protesting senators who opposed a bill that would have raised the minimum wage to $15/hour.

Isn’t Jackson rich? Why is he protesting for the minimum wage? Does anybody really think he is broken up about folks who are earning $7.50 an hour?

Or was this yet another attempt by the reverend to stay relevant and in the news?

It’s hard to say. But you’d at least assume a man like him could stage an event and not get arrested.

How long has he been an activist? Decades? Why was he obstructing?

Rent a stage, get a microphone, and do it legally.

Makes sense to me.

Source: Fox 5

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