Red State Town Becomes A Double Sanctuary – They Just Voted To Be A First And Second Amendment Sanctuary In Mooresville, Indiana

It’s pretty sad to think that in many parts of America, citizens fear exercising their rights.

We’re not just talking about carrying a firearm with you to work. In many places, Americans fear speaking their mind—or else losing their jobs, friends, or role in the community.

But in many corners of the country, patriots are saying, “Enough is enough.” And local leaders are making sure Americans’ rights don’t become a thing of the past.

And in one Indiana town, they are creating a sanctuary for our two most important amendments.

From IJR:

An Indiana town took a stand Tuesday on behalf of the First and Second Amendment rights of its citizens.

The Mooresville town council declared the community to be a “sanctuary town” town for both amendments Tuesday night, WISH-TV reported…

“I get tired of the solution to gun violence being punishing innocent law-abiding gun owners,” he said.

“I think it’s wrong. It doesn’t solve a single amount of crime.”

Mooresville, IN announced that their town will be a sanctuary for the First and Second Amendments.

What does that mean? It means the town has passed legislation that will protect these rights for their citizens.

The First Amendment bill prevents the government from interfering with religious freedoms. It also takes aim at “cancel culture.” The bill appears to be addressing, in part, moves by the government to restrict worship, due to the pandemic.

The Second Amendment bill is similar. It states that the town will oppose any funds from being used to promote gun restrictions.

While this is a step in the right direction, it’s tragic that this town was forced to pass bills to prevent the erosion of Constitutional rights.

But all across the country, leftist policies have shut down churches, robbed Americans of free expression online, and deprived citizens of the right to bear arms.

And with a man like Joe Biden in office, more restrictions could be coming. This town is setting into motion policies that will protect it from anything D.C. tries to force on the country.

Don’t think this will be the last town or state to do so. Many influential conservative states have talked about creating Second Amendment sanctuaries.

Do you support sanctuary cities for the 1st and 2nd Amendment?

Source: IJR

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