President Trump Makes His 2022 Chess-Move – Pelosi And Biden Will Not Like Donald’s Republican Meeting

We’ve heard for a long time that Trump will play an active role in the 2022 midterms. Now, we know that he made his move.

Plenty want to know if Trump will run again in 2024. Officially, he’s focusing his efforts on helping Republicans dominate in the 2022 election.

That means more than just endorsements. Trump can play an active role in defining the party’s agenda for the future.

And in a meeting with top Republican leaders like week, Trump laid out their agenda.

From NY Post:

“We spent nearly two hours with President Trump, who’s in great spirits. We talked for most of the time about the work that the Republican Study Committee is doing to define the agenda for the future course of the Republican Party, which is fighting for the Trump agenda,” Banks said. “We talked about our election integrity bill, The Save Democracy Act, which he was very supportive of, and we talked about what we’ve done to define immigration moving forward.”

Trump met with Republican leaders during the Republican Study Committee to discuss the future of the party.

Their focus was on helping Republicans retake the majority in the 2022 midterms.

According to the committee’s leadership, Trump was in great spirits. He spoke with the group about defining the party’s goals for 2022.

It’s no secret that Democrats are failing left and right. Americans are disgusted by their socialist agenda.

Republicans are in a great spot to win millions of voters next year. But they need to make it clear what they intend to do, if elected to the majority.

Jim Banks said the party is fighting for the “Trump agenda.” Those are some strong words, considering recent history.

Some top Republicans in D.C. have tried to edge Trump out of the picture. They claimed Trump should stay in our rearview mirror. The party needs to “move on.”

Those naysayers have faced strong backlash from both the party and voters—who moved to censure several of them.

It seems like key leaders want Trump’s input—and are working for an America-first agenda.

Their 2022 platform will not just oppose Biden’s terrible vision, but assure Americans that Trump’s plan has not been discarded.

We’ll see if voters are listening.

Source: NY Post

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