Pelosi Sent Spinning By Demand For Her Firing – GOP Leader Stefanik Accuses Nancy Of Being A ‘Radical Authoritarian Speaker’

With America facing several crises and rising inflation, what should the House be focused on?

Helping with the post-pandemic recovery? Not if you’re Nancy Pelosi. Instead, she is wasting time and tax dollars on a bogus January 6th commission.

(Remember the last time she wasted our time and money? The House was too busy to deal with this little thing called the coronavirus.)

Republicans are determined to use their influence to prevent this from becoming another circus. But, big surprise, Pelosi blocked two top Republicans from joining the commission.

So, rising GOP star, Elise Stefanik, called out this tyrant speaker.

From Daily Caller:

House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik blasted Speaker Nancy Pelosi Wednesday for rejecting two Republican nominees to the Jan. 6 House Select Committee…

“Nancy Pelosi is a radical authoritarian Speaker. The Pelosi partisan January 6 commission was never about investigating the facts, it was only ever about Pelosi’s radical politics and the Left’s endless obsession with crushing any discussion or debate…”

“It is time to Fire Pelosi once and for all. I have no doubt that after the next November, Nancy Pelosi will never, ever hold the Speaker’s gavel again.”

Republican Elise Stefanik issued a blistering statement against Nancy Pelosi after she rejected two Republicans from joining the January 6th commission.

Stefanik called Pelosi a “radical authoritarian Speaker.” She called on Americans to “fire” Pelosi by giving the House to Republicans.

Should Republicans win a majority in the House during the 2022 midterms, they will be able to elect their own speaker.

Pelosi will lose her coveted position, which she has fought to keep for years.

Given her age, it is unlikely she will ever get that job again.

That explains why she has been acting like a dictator in recent years instead of a speaker. Seeing her power slip away, she’s been clawing onto it like a dying mental patient.

While Trump was in office, many believe Pelosi made a joke of the House. She stormed out of meetings, refusing to compromise in order to pass bills. She single-handedly prevented DACA reform, emergency relief (several times), and even police reform.

It certainly seems time for America to fire her.

Source: Daily Caller

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