Pelosi And Schumer’s Party Could Be Cracking Up – Democrats Admit Their Unity Could Be Falling To Pieces

If you believe the MSM, the Democratic Party is stronger than ever—and Republicans are facing a “civil war.”

But the aging left isn’t as unified as you’d think. They lost seats in the House in 2020, because voters were turned off by their increasingly radical platform.

Moderate Democrats (and their voters) are seeing less room for their ideas in the party. While “leaders” like Pelosi and Schumer either can’t hold back the radical left or don’t want to.

And now an unexpected issue is revealing the deep cracks in this “unified” party.

From The Hill:

There is growing sniping over whether the Biden administration should pressure Israel to stop the eviction of Palestinian families from East Jerusalem…

Progressive Democrats dissatisfied with the Biden administration’s soft handling of the situation in Israel will have leverage when Biden nominates his ambassador to Israel…

But some Democrats are pushing back on characterizations by colleagues that plans to relocate Palestinian families in East Jerusalem are illegal or violations of international law.

It’s interesting to note that the fissures in the party are being exposed over a foreign-relations issue.

But don’t be fooled, the Democratic Party is becoming increasingly fragmented, as radical progressives try to push moderates out of the fold.

They have an ally in Joe Biden, who appears to have given up trying to lead as a moderate. Almost every decision he’s made up to now has been part of the far-left agenda.

However, Joe Biden has long been an ally to Israel. With conflict growing in the Middle East, the far left wants Joe to turn his back on our longtime ally.

Moderate Democrats, like many Americans, support Israel. But we’ve all seen how radicals like Ilhan Omar and socialists like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have no interest in defending the world’s only Jewish state.

This division can be seen across nearly every issue the Democrats face. Moderates want to compromise, to find common ground among conservatives and independents.

But the progressive left is pushing a torched-earth agenda. They want to ram their goals down America’s throat before they lose power in 2022.

It doesn’t matter how much damage they cause, even to their own party.

How Biden responds to the growing conflict in Israel might determine just how unified their party remains.

source : The Hill

and americanjournaldaily

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