Patriotism caught on camera: FedEx driver stops to pick up and fold fallen American flag properly

A display of patriotism was captured on camera when a FedEx driver went above and beyond to honor the American flag.

On a windy day in February 2020, Rick Guerino’s flag pole fell in his front yard. He received a notification from his Ring doorbell camera while at his job that someone was approaching his house, Rick told

 CBS New York.

“I just saw a FedEx guy coming up my driveway, and I didn’t know why, because I wasn’t getting a package. And all of a sudden he bent down and picked up my flag,” said Guerino, who has erected the flag pole in front of his house after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Guerino kept a close eye on the FedEx driver as he stopped in the middle of his way to work to take his flag out of the pole.

The man quickly folded the flag properly and put it on Guerino’s porch.

Guerino uploaded the video to Facebook after realizing he’d just experienced something extraordinary. The video had over 300,000 views and rapidly gained attention from the media. He was able to recognize the driver as Chris Oslovitch due to this and thanked him for his actions.

“When you see something like that, you know, you can’t just drive past it and ignore it. It’s something that just caught my eye and I had to do something about it,” Oslovitch said.

“It’s a respectful thing to do. The flag is never supposed to touch ground. If you live in a country like this, you should be proud of where you come from,” the 32-year-old FedEx driver continued.

Chris has shown that patriotism isn’t fading out with the older generation.

“I was just so stunned at the kind act he did. It was stunning. You don’t see that often,” Guerino said.

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