Noem Turns The Tables On President Biden – She Goes To Mount Rushmore And Sticks It To Him

You might be familiar with the saga between Joe Biden and North Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem.

It seems that, because she is a Republican, Joe Biden canceled this year’s fireworks show at Mount Rushmore.

Biden claimed it was over crowd concerns and the spread of COVID. Yet he went ahead and hosted a fireworks show at the White House.

So, Noem is not taking this sitting down. And she went to Mount Rushmore to throw down the gauntlet.

From Fox News:

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem took aim at the Biden administration from Mount Rushmore Sunday after federal officials this year rejected her bid to host a Fourth of July fireworks show at the famed monument…

“What a hypocrite. President @JoeBiden wants “a summer of freedom” where we “mark independence from the virus by celebrating with events across the country,” Noem tweeted on June 15. “Translation: fireworks are fine at the White House, but not at Mount Rushmore.”

Noem called out Biden’s double standard by appearing at Mount Rushmore herself.

She pointed out that Biden refused to grant the state permission to host a yearly show.

The show would have brought tourists and residents to celebrate the big day.

Instead, Biden said no.

Yet Noem pointed out the odd double standard that Biden would not only host an event at the White House. But he encouraged his Democratic allies in D.C. to hold their own events.

It seems the only difference between them and Noem is that she is a Republican.

Would Biden really treat this government differently because of her party? You know the answer to that question.

Biden has already taken heat for admitting he’ll miss his vaccination goal for July 4th.

But North Dakota has faired very well during the crisis. Its population is healthy and they never shut down.

Why should they be punished because Biden can’t cut it?

Source: Fox News and gopdailybrief.

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