Nikki Haley Gives Joe Biden Two Options – Either The President Can Resign Or Republicans Will Impeach Him

The backlash from Biden’s disastrous handling of Afghanistan has been fierce.

Even the liberal media could not paper over this crisis. Some of them are even willing to admit Biden’s fault.

Joe Biden has done little to assure Americans that he knows what he’s doing.

And polls reveal that Americans are giving Biden a failing grade.

Now, Nikki Haley is calling out old Joe. And she’s giving him two options.

From Fox News:

Nikki Haley, former ambassador to the United Nations, called for Biden’s resignation — but expressed concern about leaving Vice President Kamala Harris in charge.

“Should Biden step down or be removed for his handling of Afghanistan? Yes,” she tweeted.

Numerous Republican leaders have condemned Biden’s rash handling of Afghanistan.

And after the stunning attack of this week, many are demanding Biden step down. They are claiming the situation he created in Kabul led to the death of American soldiers.

Nikki Haley, former ambassador to the United Nations, said Biden should either resign or be removed from office.

Several experts have weighed in on the legality of impeaching Biden over Afghanistan. Alan Dershowitz claims his failure overseas does not constitute grounds for impeachment.

Although, should Republicans retake Congress in 2022, they might argue otherwise.

Donald Trump has personally called on Biden to resign “in disgrace.”

While Haley believed Biden should be held accountable, she feared what would come from a Kamala Harris administration.

Knowing how ineffective Harris is, and her utter lack of leadership, she couldn’t be much worse than Biden.

A real solution, however, is for Republicans to retake Congress in 2022. With Congress in GOP control, they can check Biden’s reckless agenda and set up for a bigger win in 2024.

Because until the White House is out of Democrat hands, more crises will come.

Source: Fox News

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