New York Teachers Turn On Joe Biden – They March Across The Brooklyn Bridge To Protest His Mandate

Do you think all Democrats are found of Biden’s latest mandate? Not quite. Ever since the fall of Afghanistan, many Democrats are waking up to reality. They are giving Joe some very bad marks.

And his decision to force companies to require vaccinations is becoming yet another straw that broke the camel’s back.

Many companies and politicians have already vowed to fight Biden’s mandate. Donald Trump said the order will not be enforceable in any way, shape, or form. Now, it seems that even in the least likely places, Americans are fighting back.

From Fox News:

A teacher’s group protesting mandatory vaccinations was seen in New York City marching across the Brooklyn Bridge, with some protesters chanting against President Biden.

“F–k Joe Biden,” people were heard chanting while walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, in a video posted to Twitter on Monday.

A group of teachers marched down the Brooklyn Bridge, protesting Biden’s latest mandate. They were joined by many more New Yorkers to demonstrate against Biden’s radical move.

This is all the more amazing when you realize New York is considered majority Democrat. But the fact that a “massive crowd” of people were protesting, tells you just how unpopular Joe’s mandate is. For the same people that previously protested cops to protest Biden?

Boy, this man has really failed.

The crowds ended up in Foley Square to demonstrate.

From Twitter:

Massive crowd gathers at Foley Square in NYC for a protest against the mandatory shot. Today in NYC the mandatory shot law came in to effect for some businesses.

The chant ” SAVE NY , SAVE NY “

According to reports, protestors held up signs stating “Hell No Biden” and other messages aimed at the president. It’s almost ironic to see the same people who called Trump a “tyrant” are now fighting against a man they thought would be their savior.

Many have pointed out that what they accused Trump of being is exactly what Biden has become. Not once did Trump mandate anything during the 2020 crisis. He only offered guidance and support to the states.

Meanwhile, Biden is trying to clamp down like some kind of dementia-ridden dictator. We’ll see how it works out for him.

Source: Fox NewsTwitterTwitter

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