National Anthem Singer Drowned Out By Crowd – They Stand Up And Overwhelm Her With Patriotic Singing

Is patriotism dead? Well, maybe in Los Angeles and D.C., but not everywhere.

It is a time when our government seems determined to put Americans last. But regular, everyday Americans haven’t forgotten what makes this country great.

Before a hockey game at Nassau Coliseum, singer Nicole Raviv was singing our National Anthem.

But the crowd was so eager to join in, she turned the mic over to them.

From Fox News:

Nicole Raviv regularly sings “The Star-Spangled Banner” before Isles games at the Coliseum but on Wednesday night she was overpowered by the crowd, even turning over the microphone to the fans.

“My heart is full. The coliseum will forever have the best backup singers in the #NHL,” Raviv wrote on Twitter.

The singer was drowned out by the powerful singing of those in attendance.

Even Raviv was inspired and impressed by the moment, tweeting “My heart is full.”

This is in stark contrast to how many professional leagues have been doing to our anthem.

In recent years, rich, spoiled athletes have been disrespecting our anthem by refusing to stand. Some leagues have even made playing the song optional.

Fans all around the country were shocked to find that American sports teams had so little regard for the very country they played in.

That doesn’t seem to be the case for the NHL, at least at this game.

Sports goers were more than eager to show off their patriotism, in a display that won’t be soon forgotten.

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