Nancy Pelosi On The Verge Of Losing Her Gavel – Republicans Just Shrunk The Speaker’s Majority To 2 Votes

During the last election cycle, Democrats won back the presidency, tilted the Senate in their favor, and maintained the majority in the House. It was what leftists were hoping for.

However, the edge in the Senate is razor thin and in fact, the Democrat lead in the House dwindled. This is why Republicans are hopeful they can grab control back in 2022.

And now, it looks like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi might be on the verge of losing her gavel, too.

If Republicans reclaim control of the House, Pelosi’s career could very well take a turn. To this point, she’s been protected by the Democrat majority.

But that majority just keeps shrinking.

Rep.-elect Julia Letlow (R-LA) was sworn in on Wednesday morning; her husband, Luke, passed away due to COVID-19 before he could assume the position. Julia won a special election in March.

Her victory means Pelosi and Democrats are definitely skating  on thin ice.

Things are so close now that the GOP can smell a shift, and it makes 2022 all the more interesting. The importance of those upcoming elections really can’t be understated at this point.

From Fox News:

This gives Republicans 212 seats in the House, catching up to Democrats’ 218.

Since tie votes fail in the House, that means Democrats cannot lose more than two votes from their party to pass legislation if the GOP fully opposes them.

The margin is already too close for comfort for many leftist lawmakers.

Historically, the party typically needs every Democrat to pass the more progressive bills that Republicans as a whole tend to reject. With such a slim margin, the more radical ideas may not get through.

But Democrats may get some reinforcements soon.

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