Nancy Pelosi Just Ran Into 100-Strong GOP Brick Wall – House Republicans Sign Letter Refusing To Raise Her Debt Ceiling

Democrats have several major crises hurting the country spinning out of control at the same time.

But what are they concerned with? Spending trillions of dollars we don’t have, and taxing Americans into oblivion.

The border is a mess, inflation is out of control, the Biden just handed Afghanistan to the Taliban on a silver platter, plus $85 billion of our military equipment.

Yet Democrats instead want to expand socialism in America. They’re even admitting that their big spending push will transform the American economy.

But they have a big problem. In order to push their radical spending, they need to raise the debt ceiling.

Obviously, taxes can’t pay for all the crazy stuff Pelosi wants. But she doesn’t want the blame for our massive national debt.

She’s pressuring Republicans to own the debt. But they are firing back, “You’re on your own.”

From Fox News:

More than 100 House Republicans signed a letter Monday promising not to vote to increase the debt ceiling under any circumstances…

“In order for this spending to occur, our nation’s debt limit will have to be increased significantly. Because Democrats are responsible for the spending, they need to take responsibility for increasing the debt ceiling.”

Republicans in the House were bypassed by Pelosi when she approved Biden’s radical $3.5 trillion expansion of the welfare state.

Not one Republican voted for this radical spending bill. Now, they are telling Pelosi they will not vote to increase the debt ceiling to make this spending possible.

It’s no secret Democrats seem to love spending other people’s money. But Biden’s radical socialist agenda is just too expensive.

Even with all the tax increases he’s planning, he can’t pay for it all.

So, Pelosi and her cohorts have to approve raising our nation’s debt ceiling. Meaning, of course, we will be spending even more money we don’t have.

The nation will have to borrow that money from global lenders, to avoid more inflation and other problems.

What happens when our credit runs dry? What if China (our biggest lender) demands we pay them back?

Democrats are running out the clock by expanding our debt, getting more Americans hooked on welfare while importing more workers from over the border.

Pelosi doesn’t seem to care. Rumors suggest she’s bailing after 2022, anyway. She did her damage to the country and will probably retire to Martha’s Vineyard or something.

The rest of us? We’ll have to live with all the damage she’s caused.

Source: Fox News

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