Leaked Audio Just Sent John Kerry Spinning – Transcripts Show He Might Have Betrayed America’s Ally Israel

John Kerry could be in serious trouble after leaked audio was just released that was not meant to be published.

Surprisingly, the information was passed to the New York Times from a London based publication. It seems rare for the NYT to publish negative pieces on big-name Democrats, but apparently it does happen.

When I heard what John Kerry allegedly said in these leaked transcripts, I was shocked. This is a grave sin against America and he should be held fully accountable if what is claimed here is true.

Check it out from Breitbart:

Former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry allegedly informed Iran that Israel had carried out at least 200 covert strikes against Iranian targets, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif revealed in a leaked recording obtained by the New York Times.

Let me just take a moment to explain the severity of this situation.

The United States and Israel have a very strong and long-standing relationship with each other. Interpersonal conflict in the Middle East is a constant source of problems and high tensions for many countries.

For John Kerry to continue meeting with the Iranian Foreign Minister, even after Kerry had left office, seems like a grave overstep of his duty and potentially a threat to national security. And now we see why…

John Kerry allegedly told THE IRANIAN Foreign Minister about covert operations that Israel was carrying out against Iran. I’m pretty sure anyone could see the conflict of interest there. Why was Kerry talking about those operations? Is this not a breach of military confidentiality?

There was also one other gem hidden in the leaked conversations and the Democrats can’t be happy about this.

In a highly controversial move, President Trump carried out an attack against the Iranian General Qasem Soleimani and wiped him out at the airport. Many Democrats opposed this move and said Trump was likely leading us into war – a war that never came.

From these transcripts, we now get an inside look at how the Iranians viewed this move that many criticized Trump for being ineffective.

Zarif says “the United States delivered a major blow to Iran, more damaging than if it had wiped out an entire city in an attack,” the Times reported. “But he said some of Mr. Suleimani’s actions also damaged the country.”

Wow. So while people in America were saying that this move was pointless by Trump, internally among their top brass they viewed this attack as a MAJOR blow to Iran, likening it to wiping out an entire city. Apparently Soleimani was more important to Iran’s activities than people seemed to let on.

Just another instance of Trump knowing what was going on behind the scenes and being criticized by people who have no idea what is happening.

What do you think should be John Kerry’s punishment if he really did discuss covert Israeli operations with our enemy?

Source: NYT

Breitbart and https://americanjournaldaily.com/

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