Kamala’s Border Visit Quickly Goes South – Harris Snaps, Aides Quit, And She Misses Border

For months, Kamala Harris refused to go see the border crisis. Now, we think we know why!

Joe Biden put Harris in charge of addressing a crisis he created. But for months, she refused to deal with it at all.

Only to show up in South America, on a trip that did more damage than good.

Finally, only after Trump announced his trip to the border, did Harris reveal she would too.

But it’s not going well. Not at all.

From Fox News:

Two top aides for Vice President Kamala Harris announced their plans to leave in the coming weeks as she readies for her first visit to the U.S.-Mexico border since being tapped to study the crisis, according to a report.

When pressed for answers, Harris follows Biden’s example and snaps.

From Fox News:

Vice President Kamala Harris arrived in Texas on Friday for a long-awaited border visit, and she snapped at a question about why it had taken her so long to visit after more than 90 days since she was appointed to lead the effort to tackle the causes of the migrant crisis…

“It’s not my first trip, I’ve been to the border many times,” she snapped back, apparently referring to visits she made to the border as senator.

And now, we are learning she’s not even visiting the border, after all.

From The Right Scoop:

It turns out that Cackling Kamala isn’t really going to visit the border after all, as an RNC official points out:

“Most amazing thing about Harris visiting the border today? It looks like she’s not actually going to visit the border at all. She’s flying into El Paso International, going to a Border Patrol facility that’s miles from the physical border, and … that’s it”

Wow. Can a VP do worse than what Kamala is doing right now? I doubt it.

Harris has botched what is turning out to be a meaningless photo op. Two of her travel aids quit, right before the trip. That is pretty telling.

Harris, pressed about her visit, snapped at a reporter. She said she’s visited the border before, as a senator.

Yes, but that was before the current crisis created by her administration.

And now the GOP is pointing out that Harris won’t even visit the border. She will only go see a Border Patrol facility miles from the actual border.

That’s on top of the fact that she is at El Paso, nowhere near the real crisis.

What was the point of the trip, after all? Did she really intend on viewing the exploding crisis herself, as did Ted Cruz and numerous Republicans did months ago?

Or was this just a pathetic attempt to save face from Donald Trump?

I think we know the answer to this.

Source: Fox NewsFox NewsThe Right Scoop

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