Joe Manchin Just Shook Biden’s Presidency – Democrat Senator Puts An End To The President’s Election Bill

Manchin is revealing what other Democrats refuse to admit. Their election bill would make securing our elections impossible.

It could make it very easy for less-than-honest people to exploit that lack of safeguards to either forge ballots, steal ballots, or vote in someone else’s name.

And that’s only for starters.

Democrats really overplayed their hand on this one. As a Democrat from a very red state, Manchin could not sit back and support changes that are unpopular among Americans.

On top of that, he’s putting his foot down on refusing to kill the filibuster so Democrats can overrun him and do whatever a bare majority wants.

Recent polls reveal that most Americans, even many Democratic voters, want more election integrity (like voter ID), not less.

Without Manchin’s support, Senate Democrats do not have enough votes to get this thing passed. It’s DOA.

I guess the Democrats will have to find another way to usher in one-party rule.

Far-left Democrats like Juan Williams (who just left Fox News) just called on Biden to go it alone and just start ramming these things through. But those moves could all get rolled back by the courts or the person who succeeds him.

Do you think Joe Biden’s legacy is pretty much toast?

Source: IJR and americanjournaldaily

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