Joe Biden Speech Quickly Goes South – Joe Starts Reading From Teleprompter And Freezes Right Up

Long before Joe Biden entered office, he was showing some disturbing signs of mental decline.

During the campaign, he had trouble reading his own speeches, finishing sentences, or even remember basic facts.

It seems now, like back then, only Republicans seem to be noticing the pattern. Democrats and their media allies appear to be acting like nothing is wrong.

But how much longer can he keep this up, before Harris just takes the reins? Because this is just about the worst yet.

From Twitter:

Anybody good with this?

In the above video, we see what is becoming a common sight with Joe Biden. During an address about COVID relief spending, he tries to apparently read from a teleprompter.

While trying to finish a simple sentence about “economists,” he fumbles, backtracks, and becomes visibly confused.

All the while, he squints at the screen and appears as lethargic and lifeless as usual.

Does anyone believe this guy is actually leading the country?

Since entering office, we’ve seen little from Biden. He’s refused to host solo press conferences. His office cuts off appearances before questions could be asked.

Reports indicate he’s going to bed at 7 PM. And we know of several moments Kamala Harris talked with world leaders instead of Joe.

And very often, we see Biden performing like the above clip.

Are we supposed to believe the decisions made by this administration are really coming from the top? He can’t even read words on a teleprompter screen.

How do we know his released statements, executive orders, and other decisions are really from him?

When are Democrats going to admit this guy doesn’t have what it takes to lead? And when are they going to admit Kamala doesn’t have it either?

And to think 80 million Americans voted for this guy…

Source: Twitter and gopdailybrief

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