Joe Biden Silenced By Inspector General Report – Investigation Shows ‘Staggering’ Mistakes On Afghanistan Mission

Americans were horrified to learn that Biden’s hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan led to disaster.

In a matter of days, the Taliban took over the country. The U.S.-backed, democratic government, quickly crumbled.

Residents rushed to the airport, for fear of being persecuted by the new regime. Thousands of Americans have been stranded and remain in peril.

Biden has done little to explain his failure. And his WH is struggling to control the narrative.

Now, that will become much harder as the Inspector General released this report.

From Fox News:

A report issued Tuesday by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), which has examined U.S. progress – or lack thereof – in the region since 2008 identified fundamental problems with the work that was being done on the ground…

“Twenty years later, much has improved, and much has not,” the report read. “If the goal was to rebuild and leave behind a country that can sustain itself and pose little threat to U.S. national security interests, the overall picture is bleak.”

The report revealed that the U.S. government made “staggering” mistakes that set back the work in Afghanistan.

It seems like previous leaders were uncertain of what could be done in the foreign land. While the original goal was to take down bin Laden, the project has cost $1 trillion over 20 years.

If our government was trying to establish a stable, democratic government, it has failed spectacularly.

That is why Donald Trump was negotiating a peaceful arrangement that would save lives and tax dollars.

His goal was to make sure that the Taliban was on its best behavior. The deal being made was that the U.S. would withdraw, but would swiftly punish the Taliban if it mounted any attack.

But when Biden took over, he scraped that arrangement and pulled out troops much earlier. Perhaps he wanted to one-up his predecessor, but clearly he was way out of his depth.

The Taliban did not think Biden was strong enough to push back. He’s no Trump, after all. So, when America pulled the troops, the Taliban came roaring back.

It’s even more shocking, when you realize the Taliban had free reign to capture hundreds of U.S. vehicles, weapons, and other equipment.

Why was all that left behind? Didn’t Biden have a plan to ensure that equipment wouldn’t be stolen by the Taliban?

It’s obvious Biden made a rash move, ignoring the warnings of many experts. Now, Afghanistan is on the verge of chaos.

Source: Fox News

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