Iowa Supreme Court Rules Against Democrats – They Just Blocked Funds For Their Liberal Holy Grail, Planned Parenthood

With Joe Biden stumbling around the White House, the progressive left seems to think it’s open season.

But they are meeting some strong resistance in unlikely places.

Democrats across the country are trying to ram a far-left agenda down America’s throat.

So, it falls to state leaders to hold back the tide of socialism.

Many prominent conservative states have struck major blows against the left’s plans.

And now, the Iowa Supreme Court has just denied the liberal’s holy grail targeting children.

From The Epoch Times:

The Iowa Supreme Court ruled on June 30 that the state can block companies such as Planned Parenthood from providing sex education programs funded by government funds…

“Even if the programs do not include any discussions about abortion, the goals of promoting abstinence and reducing teenage pregnancy could arguably still be undermined when taught by the entity that performs nearly all abortions in Iowa,” Dana Oxley, an associate justice of the Iowa Supreme Court, wrote in the majority opinion (pdf).

The Iowa Supreme Court ruled that Planned Parenthood, the country’s largest abortion provider, cannot use federal funds for sex-ed programs in their state.

The court decided that letting PP craft programs that would be used in schools would undermine the state’s established goals.

It appears Iowa has a pro-life agenda that also encourages abstinence among teenagers. Obviously, a company that profits off of unsafe sex could not be trusted to uphold the state’s values.

The court also pondered the danger of PP creating “relationships” with students that would have a negative influence on their lives.

What!? You mean a cold, left-wing group that profits off of scared and poor young people could have a detrimental effect on teenagers! How dare you Iowa Supreme Court!

This ruling is a major win for conservative families in the state. It prevents a deeply left organization from having greater access to their children.

It’s not hard to see how PP wants to use the chance to “educate” teenagers as a way to indoctrinate them. What would stop Planned Parenthood from influencing young adults to think in ways that contradict their families’ values and beliefs?

Nothing, that’s what.

Let’s hope more states start taking a stand against this radical group.

Source: The Epoch Times


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