In Historic 9-0 Supreme Court Decision – Justices Just Protected 1st Amendment For Religious Groups

We’ve seen major decisions coming out of this Supreme Court. And it looks like they just handed Americans another win.

With Joe Biden and Democrats running amuck in D.C., there’s no telling what might happen.

Recently, the Supreme Court gave conservatives a loss over Obamacare, claiming states did not have the right to challenge it.

From Fox News:

The Supreme Court kept the Affordable Care Act alive Thursday, ruling in a 7-2 decision that Texas and 17 other states – plus two individuals – lacked standing to challenge its constitutionality.

But on the very same day, the court struck a huge blow against those who would challenge the 1st Amendment. From SCOTUS Blog:

Philadelphia’s refusal to contract with Catholic Social Services for the provision of foster care services unless CSS agrees to certify same-sex couples as foster parents violates the free exercise clause of the First Amendment.

Once again, the court unanimously gave a big win for conservatives—and anyone who respects our traditions and values.

The court ruled against the City of Philadelphia, which appeared to be trying to force religious foster care services to work with same-sex couples.

It appears the city was trying to get a Catholic group to accept same-sex couples as foster parents. But that violated the religious group’s beliefs about marriage and family.

The court ruled, 9-0, that the city did not have the power to do that. Specifically, the court said it violated the “free exercise” clause of the 1st Amendment.

The amendment states the government does not have the power to prohibit the “free exercise” of religion. That is often taken to mean federal, state, and local government cannot do anything to undermine how a person or group worships.

In recent years, we’ve seen our government, often run by the left, try to erode Americans’ ability to freely practice their religion.

That is certainly true as the left defends the “rights” of same-sex groups and organizations.

Apparently, for many Democrats, LGBT groups have more rights than religious Americans, despite the 1st Amendment.

This ruling will have large ramifications for religious organizations across America. Shockingly, the morning of the ruling, the MSM had not commented or reported on this news.

Good thing you follow us, huh?

Source: Fox News

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