Hunter Biden Tracked Down By 24 Republicans – They Just Demanded Immediate Investigation By The ATF

It’s safe to say Republican lawmakers are getting sick of Joe Biden’s son getting special treatment.

And it looks like we finally might see something happen.

You might remember the flood of allegations and suspicions surrounding Hunter Biden. They go all the way back to when Joe was Obama’s VP.

But it seems like every time something fishy came up regarding Hunter, he got off scot-free in Washington and in the media.

This time, though, Republicans are turning up the heat on Hunter’s latest scandal.

From Breitbart:

Twenty-four Republican House members are asking ATF nominee David Chipman to pledge an investigation into Hunter Biden’s alleged false answers on background check form 4473.

Breitbart News noted that Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, allegedly gave a false answer regarding drug use when purchasing a gun in 2018…

“Since lying on a background check form is a felony, this allegation merits investigation.”

The Bidens must be getting frustrated that Hunter’s skeletons are not going away.

According to reports, Hunter Biden allegedly lied when filling out a 4473 form when purchasing a firearm.

The question regarded Hunter’s history of drug use. From what has been said, Biden claimed to have no history of addiction to drugs or other controlled substances.

But Hunter has been quite open, especially recently, about his drug use and struggles with addiction. In fact, other members of the family attest to Hunter’s problems—as he also has revealed in interviews and his new book.

So, does that mean Hunter broke the law when filling out this form? Twenty-four Republican lawmakers want to find out.

They are calling on the ATF nominee, a Biden pick, to swear to investigate this situation.

It’s hard to say if Chipman will follow through on their demands. Joe Biden has claimed he would not use his influence to obstruct any current investigations into Hunter’s past (although we’ve yet to see results on any that have been going on).

Would a Biden nominee really go after Joe’s own son? Even something as serious as potentially lying on an ATF form might not be enough to trigger a case.

If the ATF did investigate, what would they learn? And what other discoveries might come out, if the Feds looked into Hunter Biden’s past?

Democrats might try to deflect, but it’s clear Republicans aren’t letting Hunter off the hook anymore.

Do you want Hunter Biden investigated and held accountable?

Key Takeaways:

  • Twenty-four Republican lawmakers are demanding an investigation into Hunter Biden.
  • They believe he lied on a form when purchasing a firearm.
  • Form 4473 asks about a gun buyer’s drug history, which Biden may have lied about.

Source: Breitbart


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