Hunter Biden Evidence Goes Public To The Nation – Emails Show Multi-Million Dollar Negotiation With The Nation Of Libya

For a long time, Americans have speculated about Hunter Biden. Plenty of reports have surfaced that that man has been involved in endless scandals and crimes. But Joe denies it all. And the media has worked to discredit them.

But it’s looking like the dam is finally breaking.

Just yesterday, we learned that a number of emails from the infamous Hunter laptop have been confirmed as real. Now, we are discovering that Hunter was involved in a multi-million-dollar scheme with a foreign country.

From Fox News:

The release of the new bombshell report from Business Insider – that first son Hunter Biden sought an annual $2 million retainer to aid in the recovery of Libyan assets frozen by President Obama while his father Joe Biden was vice president – proves the media has lied to the American public about the Biden family business storyline, according to investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald.

According to a new report, Hunter Biden was seeking $2 million/year to help liberal donors regain money frozen in accounts from Libya. It appears messages revealing this were found on the recovered laptop. But reporter Glenn Greenwald said the media hid this information on purpose.

He said the evidence was “overwhelming from the beginning.” He blasted the MSM for discrediting these stories, trying to get people to “not even pay attention to them.” We all know why, of course. They were trying to protect Joe Biden.

But this goes well beyond helping him win 2020. If Hunter is as corrupt as all these allegations say, there is no way Joe didn’t know about all of it. Hunter was wheeling and dealing with apparently many countries during and after Biden’s time as vice president. Do we really believe Joe didn’t at least let him get away with it?

Worst case scenario, Joe Biden was involved. That is the thing the media is afraid of. If Biden gets swept up in his son’s crimes, he can be taken down. His entire administration would sink. And Republicans would easily win 2022 and 2024.

So, our corrupt media tried to hide these reports over politics.

It is pretty clear that Hunter needs to be investigated, big time. But will anyone in Congress bother to do it?

Source: Fox News

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