Hours After Biden Wraps Up His First Press Conference – Leaked Photos Show Joe’s “Cheat Sheets”

It also said that currently, “China spends 3 times more on infrastructure than U.S.,” which may be a very sore point for lawmakers right now.

But in the end, President Joe Biden obviously needed these helpful cards in order to make it through the conference. And compared to other presidential conferences, many say it wasn’t exactly demanding.

Former President Donald Trump’s press conferences often went much longer, and he wasn’t always referencing “cheat sheets,” either.

Of course, every President uses some form of notes (cue cards, teleprompters, etc.) when making certain speeches and holding press conferences, a point we shouldn’t overlook.

However, we’ve certainly seen political leaders go far longer and answer many more complex questions. One could argue that many leaders and politicians wouldn’t have needed notes.

This comes after Biden went 50+ days without holding a formal press conference, and various members of the press have been calling for more visibility and transparency.

We’ll have to see if the President gives more conferences in the near future, and whether or not he’ll continue to use these “cheat sheets.”

Source: Fox News and gopdailybrief.com

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