Hours After Biden Tells Gun Owners He Has Nukes – Americans Give Joe A Constitutional Reponse

Joe Biden really stepped in it this time. And Americans were on hand to call him out.

You probably heard he gave a statement yesterday about America’s rising crime problem.

Of course, he ignored the “defund police” movement–the real cause of the crisis. Instead, he railed against gun ownership.

The increasingly troubled man criticized the 2nd Amendment itself, claiming guns aren’t enough to stop a tyrannical government.

After all, he claimed, the government has nukes it could use to stop Americans. Yes, he said this.

So, Americans were quick to let him know what they thought.

From Twitter:

Nobody has ever heard “guns won’t protect you from the force of the government” and thought “oh well in that case I’ll give up my guns.”

They think “well I guess I better get a bigger gun.”

“You don’t need a gun because the government can destroy you” is the best case for the second amendment any president has ever made

Biden just said that from the very day that Second Amendment was written, it limited what weapons one could own.

It’s really time for the cognitive test.

Patriots were quick to call out Biden’s deeply flawed logic.

Some were shocked that the “president” seemed to be threatening to nuke Americans who owned guns.

Others pointed out that the reason we have the 2nd Amendment is to check the very things Biden is saying.

Plenty said Biden’s comments prove the point of gun owners–who will only want to go get more guns after this.

One commentator said Biden is “literally” recording ads for the NRA.

What kind of president would attack a fundamental right like the 2nd Amendment? And who in their right might would talk about using nukes against his own population?

That’s something that Mussolini might have said (if he had nukes), not a U.S. president.

Perhaps someone new should start writing Biden’s speeches?

Source: TwitterTwitterTwitter and americanjournaldaily.com

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