Governor Stitt Locks In 6 Major Victories – He Just Made His State A 2A Sanctuary, Protects Police In Oklahoma

During President Joe Biden’s first month in office, he signed a flurry of executive orders. He even set a new record for orders, which rubbed Republicans the wrong way.

But since that time, GOP leaders have attempted to step up their game. In response to the Democrat powerhouse on Capitol Hill, some right-wing politicians have made strong moves.

This includes Republican Governor Kevin Stitt, who just secured six victories for conservative ideals.

The Oklahoma Governor signed a set of new laws this week, and it’s unlikely that Democrats will agree with any of them. On the flip side, GOP members are applauding.

Stitt tackled several critical topics, including police funding, abortion, and the Second Amendment.

In so doing, he has made Oklahoma the envy of many conservative citizens nationwide. Those living in Democrat-run states likely realize they’ll never see such bills passed in their hometowns.

Via Fox News:

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signed a flurry of new laws this week, signifying a half-dozen policy wins for Republicans – including a heartbeat abortion ban and making the Sooner State a Second Amendment sanctuary.

Four new bills he signed crack down on abortions – a fifth honors the Second Amendment and a sixth makes it harder for cities to defund their police departments.

Stitt put a big emphasis on the heartbeat abortion ban (bill B.B. 2441), too. As he said on Twitter:

The heartbeat law bans abortions after a fetus has a detectable heart rhythm.

And then there’s H.B. 1102, which says doctors could lose their licenses if they perform abortions that aren’t “medically necessary.”

On top of that, H.B. 1094 limits the types of doctors who can legally perform abortions. This should put a stop to risky and so-called “back alley” abortions done by those who aren’t qualified.

But Gov. Stitt didn’t stop there.

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