FULL Interview: President Trump Says “No, I Didn’t Concede…Let’s See What Happens!”

To everyone who was reporting that President Trump recently said he “didn’t win” and that this was him conceding, I have bad news for you…

He just set the record straight on David Brody’s show and confirmed nothing on the sort happened!

He’s not conceding, he never conceded, and it sure sounds to me like he thinks he may soon be declared the winner!

After making very clear he never conceded, Brody then asked him what he thinks should happen if the Audits in GA and AZ and elsewhere show clear fraud.

Great question!

In fact, the entire interview was full of great questions.

Not typically MSM garbage trying to paint their own narrative, but actually asking questions we’d all like answers to. Imagine that!

Watch his answers for yourself, I’ve got it here for you on Rumble:

SOURCE: WeLoveTrump

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